Baby showers

Treat the mom-to-be to an unforgettable baby shower at Kitchen Works

Kitchen Works is a great place to host a baby shower. We offer a great environment for gatherings of family and friends and if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the mom-to-be, celebrate with food and fun! We offer cooking and baking classes for groups of all different skill levels and abilities and you can create your own menu to feature exactly what the guest of honor loves the most. Whether you’re interested in cooking or baking, we offer hands on classes or demonstration classes. In our hands on classes you work in small groups and you’re guided by a chef during every step of meal preparation. These classes are great if you want to learn how to prepare your favorite dish at home, or if there’s a difficult dish you’ve wanted to learn how to make. At the end of the class you will sit down and enjoy all of your hard work by enjoying the meal you’ve prepared.

Group cooking classes are a fun way to bond

During demonstration classes, you and your group observe a chef as they prepare a delicious meal and you will be given generous tastings of each dish prepared. If you know there is a special meal the mom-to-be particularly enjoys, make her baby shower an unforgettable day by treating her to a cooking lesson and a tasty meal! Cooking is a great way to bring everyone together. Many people know that the heart of their home is the kitchen because it’s where people gather to cook, talk and bond with one another. Think of Kitchen Works as your own personal kitchen and gather around with your friends to celebrate the joyous occasion of a baby shower. Create your own menu to feature exactly the foods you want and get messy in our kitchen; the best part is you won’t have any mess to clean up when you’re finished! To learn more about reserving our kitchen for baby showers, contact us today.

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