Team Building Events

Let Kitchen Works On The Go do all the work for your next home party.

You want to enjoy your party with the rest of the guests. Now you can look forward to your own parties! Team Building events can sometimes become repetitive and dull, but not at Kitchen Works. Kitchen Works is a great place to host your next corporate event – we offer a great environment for people to gather, socialize and prepare and eat delicious food.

Cooking classes for your next work function

Our hands on cooking classes are great for corporate events. During the hands on class you will work in small groups, supervised by a chef, to prepare and cook a tasty meal. These classes are a great way to encourage people to work together and increase workplace camaraderie and delicious food has always brought people together. You can create and customize your own menu in order to prepare whatever dishes you want and at the end of the class, everyone sits down together to enjoy their hard work together. Instead of opting for more traditional corporate events, try something new and make a booking with Kitchen Works. You want to give your employees something to look forward to, not an event that they will be reluctant to attend, and cooking classes are a great way to bring everyone together, learn a new skill and most importantly, enjoy tasty food! The kitchen has always been a place where people gather for socializing and Kitchen Works gives you the perfect environment to enjoy food and fun while having a hands-on role in the process. Whether you’re interested in a cooking class or a baking class, we host classes for all different skill levels and abilities. It doesn’t matter if you cook on a regular basis or you’ve never touched a stove before – we guarantee everyone will have a great time and enjoy themselves and the food at Kitchen works. To learn more about making a reservation for a corporate event, contact us today!

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